Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Camera Magic

As an artist, one should never stop learning. To get stuck in one medium, one style, one subject, is to stagnate which means death to creativity. This semester I have FORCED myself to learn how to build a website - a stretch for my aging brain. I also have been learning Adobe Illustrator which is no small feat. Recently I took a photography class to try to understand my camera better. Carrie Lambing, an Alaskan photographer and good friend of mine, taught me about f-stops and shutter speeds and doing things manually from now on instead of defaulting to the auto-mode (rats!). She gave homework to instill the message that practice will make me a better photographer. She's right. This is true of all forms of artwork.

In a little over a year Carrie has gone from being a good photographer to being an EXCELLENT photographer with a personal style that brings out the inner beauty and character of the people she shoots. She did this by immersion in her craft, studying every aspect of her tools, and practice, practice, practice. I look forward to our next session.
You can check out Carrie's art at http://carrielambing.com/ .

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  1. Outstanding Website and Artwork! Undoubtably the best site I have viewed this year! Good luck with your art, because the world needs more Whimsical ideas!
    Joe and Jeanne Williams