Monday, August 17, 2009


Over the years I've wandered away from the traditional, old masters techniques of my first painting instructor, Paul Penczner. I've often sacrificed quality for quickness, and good design for rambunctious color and subject matter. In the name of creativity I've often justified an undisciplined approach to painting, and sometimes it's served me well. But at the encouragement of my friend, Karen, I've pulled out and dusted off an old technique that my respected teacher, and many other artists, wouldn't think of doing a serious painting's called "underpainting". Underpainting is "the first coat of paint, esp. the initial painting on a canvas in which the major areas, tones, colors, and forms are indicated in mass." Although Mr. Penczner's color of choice was burnt umber, I used burnt sienna on this painting of the old ore cart trestle at Hatcher Pass. The next step will be to glaze colors over the underpainting.

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