Monday, September 7, 2009

Being Out-Created

Creativity is such a big part of being an artist. I put hours of planning and drafting into every painting I do, hoping to invoke a response from all who see it. I agonize over every brush stroke and color, never sure how it will look in spite of my planning. After painting for several hours yesterday, I stepped outside to clear my head and enjoy the crisp, Indian summer. To my delight, there was a gigantic rainbow arcing high above the fall foliage. I called my husband to come and look. Then I ran back in to get my camera so I could capture this beauty digitally. I felt so many things gazing upon this beautiful scene...excitement, joy, amazement, awe, a desire to share it...and in a moment it was gone.

I had to smile at being so effortlessly out-created by God and His temporary masterpiece.

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