Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My greatest work of art

Whoa down. Life's been pretty crazy lately and I've let my blog slide. Although I am gifted with an abundance of creativity, God neglected to give me organizational skills. What a sense of humor that Big Guy has! I started taking an Adobe Photoshop class at the local community college in September. At the same time I began teaching an 8-week course on the Old Testament book of Judges. I've been pounding the homework for both of these classes while trying to finish my Hatcher Pass picture in time to enter it in the Palmer Museum's Rasmussen Grant competition. Weekends have been devoted to helping my husband finish his pet project...his new garage/shop. Unfortunately, all this leaves little time for blogging about art work. I do want to tell you what I consider to be my greatest work of art, though - my marriage. Joe and I enjoyed our 28th anniversary last week. If you knew our history, you would realize this is a very large miracle. I attribute the success of our marriage to God. Without His grace and intervention into our lives, we wouldn't have made it this far this happy. Here's to the next 28 years!

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