Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Assayer's Office Phase 2

Moving along on this painting, I worked on the background.  Or maybe I should say "overworked the background".  Oils have proven to be a lesson in futility for me.  I'm sure I would put my mentor, Paul Penczner, to fussing at me in his precious Hungarian accent.  (R.I.P., Mr. P ~  I hope Jesus has put you to work painting murals on my heavenly mansion's ceilings!)

My "Painted Ladies" have fallen head over heels in love with oil, especially when combined with plein air painting.  I have lagged behind, finding reasons to not to learn this new trick.  Either it's the rain or the mosquitoes or vacation or not enough time...my list of excuses goes on and on.  I have a dream that one morning I'll wake up and decide I'm not going to let oil painting kick my butt.

But until I can run with the big dogs, I guess I'll stay on the porch.

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