Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Palmer Art & Garden Fair

I had a fun time at the Midsummer Garden & Art Fair in Palmer on July 24th.  The Palmer Museum and Visitor's Center invited me and fellow artist, Jeanne Young , to come paint plein air in their showcase garden.  Amidst a huge tea party, live music and, of course, some gate-crashing wind and rain, the flowers were in full glory, showing off for the tourists and visitors who wandered by.  I heard much delighted "oooing" and "aaahhhhing" as people discovered flowers they didn't know could grow in Alaska, or at least didn't know could grow that big.
I enjoyed meeting new people and bumping into a few old friends.  Although my watercolor got rained on near the end of the day, I learned a lot. The rain even improved my painting!  I hope to go back again and again.  Hats off to the Master Gardeners who care for this garden, and to the Museum for offering it for our enjoyment.  For more information about the Palmer Museum and Visitor's Center, follow this link.
And if you're in the neighborhood, make sure you take time to walk through and check out the beautiful things Alaska can grow.  

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