Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Love Acrylics!

Whenever I work with all 3 of Dr. Beck's bears in the same painting, I never know which one will turn out to be the mischievous subject.  It appears the polar bear is it in this painting.  But because of the quick drying time and opaque coverage of  acrylics, things that don't look right can easily be fixed.  As you can see, I painted over the polar bear's right foot and turned it downward so it doesn't look so strange any more.  I also rounded out the head a bit more.  The bear seems to be cooperating nicely now that I've fixed the foot.  Time to move my focus again so I don't obsess over this rascally bear.  I block in the gravel and finish the black bear's kuspuk.  This painting is very close to being finished.

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