Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rough Grizzly

The next step in this painting is to block in the bear, focusing in on the overall shape and the lights and darks.  I want to portray friendliness between these two natural enemies, and that is in the back of my mind continuously as I work on posture and expression.
A common theme runs through my art whenever I paint animals; the relationship between animals who are natural enemies in the wild and how they might relate to each other if their predator/prey conflict did not exist.  In the early chapters of Genesis, this was in fact the reality.  According to the Bible, before Adam and Eve chose to sinfully reject their relationship with God, they had an idyllic existence, overseeing an animal kingdom devoid of fear and death.  I like to imagine the time when it will all be put back as it was, as God has promised He will do.  Check out Isaiah 11 if you want to learn more.

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