Friday, February 4, 2011

Adding some fluff

Once I had my grizzly roughly blocked in, I took a step back and made some needed assessments.  I decided the bear was much too skinny, so I rounded him out and fluffed him up some. 
Stepping back from your work is an important part of the painting process.  To see the whole picture, you have to literally walk away from it.  Otherwise you will focus in too much on individual sections and lose the total composition.  The end result will be disjointed and technically compromised.  Move as far across the room as you can, and study the whole composition.  Jot down notes about what needs to be done.  As you paint, try not to stay focused on one section for too long.  Work all around the painting, moving from one section to another, keeping the end in sight. 
This bear is almost ready to meet his little ground squirrel friend.

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