Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Greatest Creation

The spark of creativity burns brightly in my being, although I often try to douse its fire with busy-ness. This past week has been filled with the logistics of a move from Alaska to almost Mexico and all it entails. In the middle of a hectic week, we celebrated one of my greatest creations: my first-born child Rosemary, who has come to live with us in Arizona for a while. My 2nd and 3rd children are also great, and I love each one equally and without reservation. But Rosemary was the one who who opened the floodgates of Mommyhood for me. I revisited my own childhood as I became a part of hers. With Rosemary, existence became a dance instead of a drudgery. The world was filled with singing instead of sadness. Imagination became the normal way of life, instead of the exception. Happy Birthday, Rosemary. What a wonderful, fulfilling 27 years it's been.

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