Saturday, February 18, 2012


One of the things I love about living in Prescott, Arizona is its rich Western history.  This original Wells Fargo stagecoach was part of last summer's Frontier Days 4th of July parade around the famous courthouse square.  I can't imagine traveling miles and miles over bumpy dirt roads in this type of vehicle, but in it's day, it was considered the latest and greatest way to travel.  One rider described his journey as -
A through-ticket and 15 inches of seat, with a fat man on one side, a poor widow on the other, a baby in your lap, a bandbox over your head, and three or more persons immediately in front, leaning against your knees, making the picture, as well as your sleeping place, for the trip.
I think I would have preferred a horse.

$125 / Unframed
8 x 8" Oil on Canvas Board
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