Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Yesterday I lost my devoted companion of the last 12 years, my Jack Russell Terrier, Spanky. Though small in stature, he had the heart of a giant, the fortitude of a soldier and the courage of a lion. When Spanky came to me as an 8-week old pup, he was a specific answer to prayer, and he always behaved as such. Born and raised in Alaska, he thought his mission in life was to defend me from any and all perceived danger, which happily included disposing any critter who dared enter our 14 acres, be it moose, bear, porcupine, rodent, or the neighbor's pot bellied pig. Whenever I left our property, he would stand guard by the door, anxiously awaiting my return. When I came home he would receive me back again with a joy outrageously disproportionate to the occasion. He strove to know my comings and goings like a diligent chaperon. In our time together I often wondered who owned who. He was my constant companion, my security blanket, my confidant and my guardian angel all rolled together into a stumpy-legged, short-tailed, brown-eyed, true-blue little dog. I shall miss him terribly, for he loved me truly. Twelve years was far too short a time to have with this exceptional little fellow in my life. Farewell to Spanky, my friend, my companion. . .my dog.


  1. Hugs for you Kristy. He was a special guy.

    1. Thanks, Karen. He was a dapper little dog. So glad you got to meet him.