Tuesday, March 27, 2012


A short time ago I told you about my older Jack Russell Terrier, Spanky, who went on ahead to that great moose-chasing hunting ground in the sky.  But I am not totally Jack Russell-less.  Far from it. I still have Mimzy, my bossy little feisty strong-willed leash-aggressive alpha female.  Mimzy wants to kick pitt-bull butt in public as we stroll around the crowded courthouse square.  Mimzy thinks it's her job to single-handedly control the lizard population in Arizona.  Mimzy likes to draw in other, friendlier dogs she meets under the guise of social interaction, luring them close enough to snap them on the nose, causing hurt feelings and general ill-will all around.  Mimzy thinks it her duty to leave her business on the trail, sidewalk, road, and all other heavily-trafficked areas so everyone will know she has been there first.

Mimzy is only 4, so I expect many years of Jack Russell craziness to come as long as I can stand guard over the coyote, javelina, deer, skunk, rattlesnakes, and all other assorted Arizona critters that constantly stream through our neighborhood.  Here is a painting of Mimzy contemplating some sort of mischief to get into.

6" x 6" / Oil on gessoed hardboard
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  1. We have a JRT, "Little Harley" who found his way to our front porch to eat the cat food I always leave out for strays. He had a tag on, but the owners didn't want him as didn't 3 prior owners! Can you imagine? He's our first JRT and we cherish him. We had 3 labs, and one was named Harley, so we have "Big Harley - our yellow lab" and "Little Harley" our JRT. Soon after he arrived we lost our Miss Shelby (black) lab to old age, so now there are only 3. We feel we are "blessed"! He looks like your fellow, one brown ear. Thanks for sharing your picture!

    1. Jack Russells have a way of stealing the show and our hearts. I love their passion for life. That's great you opened your door to "Little Harley" and fell in love with him. I hope you enjoy many happy years together.