Wednesday, September 19, 2012


While driving past a cemetery on a busy city street during rush hour, I saw an absolutely huge helium balloon as big as a Volkswagen bug floating in the sunlight. It had been secured over a fresh grave. Emblazoned across its large, round, brightly colored face was the unexpected sentiment, "Happy Birthday!". It bobbed and danced in the breeze, reminding all who passed that this had been a happy life born into this world, loved and cherished, mourned and remembered. Fascinated by such a traditional decoration dominating this morbidly untraditional scene, I wondered how differently we would feel about dying if we understood death as birth - into a marvelous, heavenly family where we are forever loved and cherished, nurtured and celebrated. What if our death day is actually our birth day and God is throwing the party?

Luces means "lights" in Spanish. Isn't it gloriously contradictive that such a dark subject as death would be celebrated with lights and color, music and dancing?
You have to hand it to those warm-blooded Latinos - they can make a party out of just about anything.

Let me introduce you to Luces, my 4th Dia de los Muertos portrait.

$100 / Unframed
6" x 6" / Oil on Canvas Panel
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