Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The Watcher
Wow!  Has it REALLY been 2 1/2 months since my last painting?  Please accept my most heart-felt apologies.  Over the past several months I've daily passed my studio-disguised-as-a-laundry-room with a longing look towards my empty easel, imagining the next project I want to start. My reasons for my procrastination from painting are varied and many.
  • I turned 57
  • My daughter, her husband, and his brother moved in with us
  • I oversaw an extensive & costly landscaping project in our back yard 
  • My son got married
  • I rode a mule to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back. The recovery time has been less than expeditious (see 1st bullet).
But my biggest excuse for not painting is that I've been repeatedly robbed of that most precious of assets, T-I-M-E, due to the unfortunate necessity to earn a living .  . .
  • I had to go to work  
Don't get me wrong.  I am very thankful for the opportunity to have made some steady money to help out with the household budget.
     - Even though it was a totally left-side-of-the-brain job with absolutely NO creativity involved What. So. Ever.
     - And even though Steve Jobs, had he still been alive, and had he known who I was, and had he cared, would have kicked me under the Waste-Your-Life bus for selling my soul for $9 an hour so someone else could get rich while my creativity shriveled up and crawled into a black hole.
     - And even though I met a lot of really nice people who never bothered to learn my last name.

But now that my seasonal summer job is over, I'm ready to jump back into my whimsical world of art with both feet and make a splash!!!  I can feel myself slowly waking from a Rip Van Winkle sleep to a world awash in color.  I have a symphony of subjects cascading from my imagination, ready to come to life right before my eyes.

So look out, all you art aficionados!   I have a to-do list and some concrete goals and a Jack Russell who is very glad to have me at home again.
Let the creativity BEGIN!!!

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