Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Day 28 of my 30-in-30 Painting Challenge.

While I was still living in Alaska, the Last Frontier, my daughter the musician came home for the holidays with a gift for my Jack Russell Terrier, Spanky. It was a Jack Russell sized t-shirt sporting the caption, "I'm with the Band". The family had great fun dressing Spanky up, laughing at his expense, and snapping multiple silly pictures of him while he swallowed his terrier pride and endured our harassment with his usual air of nobility. Not long after we'd had our fun, a moose wandered onto our property, foraging for something to eat along the deep, snowy woods surrounding our home. Spanky, who felt it his God-given duty to defend our 14 acres against all living creatures, sounded the alert. Spanky took his moose-repelling duties quite seriously, and would bark excitedly until someone opened the glass door to let him out. It's still a mystery as to exactly who opened the door, but still sporting his new "I'm with the Band" shirt, out he dashed to herd the offending moose back into the woods. After much barking and herding and shooing said moose far into the woods and safely out of sight, Spanky returned wet and exhausted to the glass door . . . sans t-shirt.

Over the next few weeks and months and years we tramped those 14 acres looking for the little shirt. We never found it. One thing we know for sure . . . Spanky got the last laugh. Because somewhere in the wild woods of the Last Frontier there's a bush wearing a dog-sized "I'm with the Band"

$100 / Unframed
6" x 6" / Oil on Canvas Panel
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