Friday, February 1, 2013


Day 30 of Leslie Saeta's 30-in-30 painting challenge.

"SILENT CONVERSATION" is a testimony to the communication that takes place between a mule and its rider as they navigate the treacherous twists and turns to the bottom and back of the Grand Canyon. The rider starts out as a rigid, untrusting novice, sitting at attention and attempting to micro-manage every step the mule takes. But during 16 hours on a mule, a natural bonding occurs. This same rider comes out as a trusting companion, a relaxed extension of the animal, ever so much more in tune to the flick of a tail or the shift of weight or the direction an ear is turned. This metamorphosis takes place without need of a word ever being spoken. It's a marvelous thing.

$125 / Unframed
6" x 6" / Oil on Canvas Panel
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