Friday, April 26, 2013


Fairies Welcome
When we named our eldest, we didn't realize how much she would personify her middle name, Faye. Dutifully named after both grandmothers, research wasn't a priority at the time of her birth. It wasn't until years later, after her elfish personality had fully manifested itself to us, we discovered Faye means Fairy.

No wonder her favorite story has always been PETER PAN. So that's why she was always the first one out with a sassy comment. Now we understood why she's always preferred the world of imagination and whimsy that goes unnoticed by the rest of us. No wonder she has always felt a wee bit out of place in the real world. It's because she is actually, deep inside, a fairy trapped in human form. To you it may seem far-fetched and unbelievable, but to us it made perfect sense.

Long Lost Friends
Enter our recent trip to Disneyland/California Adventure and Disney's most famous fairy, Tinkerbell. Tink happened to be holding court next to the castle in Fairy Hollow when we stumbled upon her. My daughter dove on Tinkerbell with a hug of Biblical proportions, and she responded in kind. Naturally, there was an instant affinity between the two Fayes. We stood back in awe as they laughed and giggled and hugged and twittered about the complexities of maintaining proper Fairy respect in a world gone Darwin. They joked together as if they were long lost friends, as if they were the only ones in the park that day. It didn't even matter that Peter Pan was a no-show. Who needs a boy who won't grow up when fairies have the market on pixie dust? 

After the pictures were snapped and the goodbye hugs were given, my daughter left Fairy Hollow with a gift. Though my little Faye's life often feels foreign and nonsensical, a Disneyland theme park character had made her feel at home with herself for a moment in time. Tinkerbell had recognized her inner child on a level most grownups will never understand. And THAT was the serendipity effect, alive and at work in Disneyland. Unexpected. Unplanned. Unrepeatable. Something magical had just taken place, and we were fortunate enough to have witnessed it.

Tinkerbell & Company

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