Friday, April 19, 2013


Will the real princess please stand up?
I'm off to Disneyland Boot Camp tomorrow, and I have a bit of advice for all you novices out there concerning the best way to experience Disneyland/California Adventure. The magic of Disneyland is that it brings out the pretend in us all. And the BEST thing about Disneyland is that kids don't get to hold the monopoly on imagination. Even if you left your princess outfit at home because you're a little bit past the age of 7, your inner child will find a way to manifest itself when you're visiting the Magic Kingdom. Maybe you feature yourself a Mary Poppins or a Buzz Lightyear. Or maybe you're more of a princess or a swashbuckler.
All it takes is faith and trust...
Whomever you identify with, it's a good idea to leave yourself open to whatever character happens to channel through at any given time. It's what I call the Disneyland Serendipity Effect. For instance, you come around the corner and there's Mr. Incredible, materializing from some super secret Disneyland back alley. You realize you are the only ones there, that nobody else has spotted him and sounded the alarm. For a moment you're frozen in time, immediately transported into his world with all the awe and delight you felt the first time you saw his movie. In a matter of seconds you know he'll be spotted and you'll be mauled by the masses. You make eye contact and you both automatically assume the position of SUPER HERO. Someone snaps a picture and the experience is frozen in time. It's a magical moment, a spiritual experience.
The Incredibles?

One can never plan these moments because they're never as magical as when they just happen spontaneously. But they happen every time I visit there, so trust me. Look for them to happen and be ready. And when the moment materializes, just go with it. You're a part of something much bigger than yourself when you experience the Disneyland Serendipity Effect.

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