Thursday, June 6, 2013


Before starting on my next painting series, I had a job to finish for a very dear couple in my life. They commissioned me to paint a mural over their front door so that every person leaving their home would pass under the blessing, "Vaya Con Dios", which means, "Go With God". At one time a common phrase used in the Southwest to part company, it isn't heard very often any more. It's a shame, because we all could benefit from accompanying the Big Guy through life's daily twists and turns. After all, why fly blind when you can follow the One who drew the map?
Painting the browns and the blessing
So after my friends communicated ideas of what they wanted, I sketched the design out on tracing paper and measured it against the arch of their doorway. We tweaked it and stretched it several times before we were all satisfied enough to move ahead with the actual painting. I was a little apprehensive, because their house is REEEEAALLLY nice, built meticulously in the traditional Craftsman style of the early 1900's. So I purchased several colors of paint and some Mylar and using my sketch, I painted the design onto the plastic in two different color/design schemes. When I held the plastic up to their archway we could see where any additional color and size adjustments needed to be made. You probably already guessed, they chose BOTH. One more time back to the drawing table to combine the two designs. Then all that remained was to transfer it onto the wall using graphite paper. Measure twice, paint once, I always say.  
Next come the pine needles
Starting with the browns, I painted back to front, dark to light. I did this perched atop a 10 foot ladder to accommodate my 5'2" self to the extra-tall ceilings in their home. About 8 hours later we were all pretty happy with the finished product. They even raided their garden to load me up with fresh veggies as a thank you. Now their guests will be blessed by their genuine hospitality AND this beautiful Spanish benediction. 

Finished mural


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