Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Day 11 of Leslie Saeta's 30-Paintings-in-30-Days. In case you're wondering, yes, this is a lot of work. My dog is starting to wish she could run away from home. If it weren't for the steady stream of Yummy Chummies I keep doling out, she would run away with the mail(wo)man. By the time this is over, we're going to have a serious talk about low-cal chow.

It's getting downright cool around here. I am NOT ready for summer to be over, having spent 22 years in Alaska where summer is over in 6 weeks. So I painted my new grandbaby's portrait all snuggled down in his fluffy banky. It doesn't really look like him, but, then again, he doesn't really look like anyone, yet. Big blue eyes, button nose, tiny little eyebrows that emit every emotion he feels, and an itty-bitty mouth attached to teensy little lungs that holler louder than Hooters on game night. Babies have it all over everybody else. Relatives will clear their schedule just to get a chance to hold them. They're constantly told how cute and wonderful they are for doing absolutely nothing. Nobody thinks they're lazy for taking naps. They don't have to keep a budget. And their wardrobe is updated every 3 months. They can turn a room full of normally sane, educated grown men and women into a gaggle of blithering idiots, just by smiling. Or not.
How much fun is that?!!!

Private Collection
6" x 6" / Oil on Museum Quality Canvas Panel
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