Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Our beautiful Fall is waning. My geraniums are drooping from the effects of last night's frost, and my flip flops are feeling decidely less adequate as each day grows a little cooler. The holidays are looming like a forboding fog on the horizon, ready to swallow me up into the bottomless pit of stressful spending and an all-consuming social calendar that even Sarah Palin would have a hard time keeping up with.
So naturally my thoughts turn to Hawaii, where the temperature is always 75 degrees and the mood is always Aloha.

I painted this "honu" after my first encounter with these incredible creatures in Maui. Sea turtles are gentle, graceful, and swift, which is just the way I'd like to be throughout the Thanksgiving-Christmas season. It's titled, "MALIHINI", which means "tourist" or "newcomer", and that is exactly what one feels like when one encounters a honu up close and personal for the first time.

$960 / Unframed
16" x 20" / Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
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