Monday, January 27, 2014


Day 27 in the Leslie Saeta 30-Paintings-in-30-Days Challenge. 
One day in early June when we were living in Alaska this little newborn moose wandered up our driveway. It was crying pitifully for mama, wobbly and scared to death. It was so young it didn't try to run when we slowly approached it to examine it for injury. Other than being frightened and alone, it seemed healthy enough. But without its mother, it wouldn't last long. My son roped off the area where it bedded down so we could keep an eye on it, and we did, watching out all day for the mother to come and retrieve her young one. Night fell with the little moose still curled up in a tight little ball in the tall grass.  The next day the little fella was nowhere to be found.  We like to think its mother came and took it home.  That, or maybe a grizzly bear.

6" x 6" / Oil On Museum Quality Canvas Panel
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