Sunday, January 26, 2014


Day 26 of Leslie Saeta's 30-Paintings-in-30-Days.
Ever since I was a child growing up in Tennessee I have adored cardinals. Their supreme beauty and peaceful coexistence with all the other birds endeared them to me. I especially loved them in winter when they presented a bright, warm splash of color in a very dull, brown season where the predominant color in Memphis was always grey and the word one uttered most often was "Brrrr!". I have lived 22 years in Alaska and almost 3 in Arizona. Neither areas where I have lived are graced by this beauty of a bird. They remain elusive to me, even when I try to paint them. For some reason they never seem to turn out quite right. I don't like this one so it shall be wiped off tomorrow, but I wanted to post it as proof I actually did painting #25.

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