Saturday, January 4, 2014


Day 4 of Leslie Saeta's 30-Paintings-in-30-Days.
Today's subject was painted from a photo shoot I did last October at the "Gold King Mine & Ghost Town" in Jerome, Arizona. The "Gold King Mine & Ghost Town" would be more aptly named the "Jerome Studebaker Junkyard & Rattlesnake Preserve", because Don Robertson has managed to collect quite a few of both on his 5 acre museum property. If you ever get a chance to visit there, it's worth the five bucks just to hear Don fire up his custom built, extremely loud, #28 derby race car and watch the disgruntled tourists give him dirty looks as they walk by. Don has one of the largest collections of rust bucket Studebakers and other ancient automobiles in the country, which isn't the most amazing thing about him. The most amazing thing would be that the whole town of Jerome doesn't slide off the side of Cleopatra Hill when he guns the engine on old #28.

6" x 6" / Oil on Museum Quality Canvas Panel
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