Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I'm afraid I'm becoming known as the "Dog Portrait Artist" in my town of Prescott, Arizona. There are certain Better-known Artists Painting Arizona who might look down their noses at this title. They may make snippy comments at workshops about "painting people's dogs" and throw haughty glances my direction as I struggle to attach my brand new plein air tripod to my sparkling clean pochade box.
But I'm okay with that.
Many people my age have spent a lifetime loving and nurturing certain other people. As we have gotten older, those people have grown up and acquired lives of their own with people of their own to love and nurture, much to our surprise. A lot of us are left with an empty nest and a massive capacity to love someone...someTHING. So we get a dog. Or a cat. Or a fish. What-E-ver. And we pour all this left-over nurturing and love into it. I get that.
So call me a "Dog Portrait Artist" like it's akin to someone who drives a Prius with an Obama sticker under the speed limit. Turn up your nose at the fact that I make people happy with a painting of their pet. It's what I do, and people seem to think I do it well.
But don't be surprised if one day I'm outselling your Sedona landscapes with my FiFis in tutus for people who have hearts full of gratitude.
And I won't have to match their couch to do it.

6" x 6" Oil on Museum Quality Canvas Panel
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