Saturday, June 7, 2014


Here's a recent plein air painting I did in Jerome with my friend, Pam.  Tracy Weisel, along with his wife, Nancy, own this building and the adjoining Raku Gallery. As we were setting up our painting gear, Tracy arrived (right on schedule according to his sign, "AROUND NOONISH") and informed us the building used to be the old Jerome Grocery store. All that is left is the front facade, which has been beautifully incorporated into the entrance to Tracy's glass blowing studio, La Victoria. We were treated to his iPhone's Pandora World Music station, which he said would probably disappear when he drove off to run some errands. Amazingly, it never did disappear and we painted for several hours to some pretty good South American festival music, every now and then breaking into a few samba steps in the middle of the shady side street.

$200 / Unframed
8" x 10" / Oil on Ray Mar Panel
Contact the artist to purchase

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