Thursday, February 11, 2016


No, it's not a tree-climbing rabbit.
This is an Abert's Squirrel. They have long, tufted ears and hang out in Ponderosa Pine forests. They are cute as a button, and I wish I had one of my own to love him and pet him and squeeze him and hug him . . . but I don't think my Jack Russell, Mimzy, would appreciate a living, breathing squeaky toy she wouldn't be allowed to play with. Actually, I'm doing a bit of research for a future project, so I'll be painting lots of adorable animals found specifically in the Southwestern United States. I'm sure I'll have to revisit the Abert's Squirrel. They're just so stinkin' cute.

 $125 / Unframed
9" x 12" / Watercolor and Pen and Ink on 140 lb paper
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