Thursday, March 9, 2017


Hey.  Where you been?  
Just kidding. Actually, it is I who have been out of pocket, so to speak. Over the past six months I've been blessed with two new grandbabies, I've co-written a Bible study on Ruth, headed up my church's women's ministry, developed osteoarthritis, and taken up quilting.  Not necessarily in that order.  My time in the studio has become compromised, and for that I should apologize, but instead I urge you to get a life. Because if your day consists of waiting for my next painting to appear in cyberspace, you are seriously getting the short end of eternity.  

This was my 2016 Christmas card.  It's an Arizona-themed nativity. Somehow it looked so much better in my head.  But that's what I get for allowing my time in the studio to become compromised. 

$200.00 / Unframed
9" x 11" / Oil on museum quality canvas panel
Click here to purchase 

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